This is the second time my family has trusted Bonneau to buy and sell our home. He has earned it. Bonneau has an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods (that he grew up in and around). He guided us through the process of selling our house (which he helped us buy) by advising us on how to stage and prepare, providing us the names of contractors and services, and then successfully negotiating an offer with two signed backup offers, experience communication to and from him was comprehensive and expedient. Bonneau's is a first-class operation.


Bonneau did a great job, Bonneau was there to negotiate transactions and make sure that they got closed, he was an integral part of the effort. Bonneau took the lead to negotiate the contract and specific terms since this was an "as is" sale. When the buyer wanted to delay the closing, Bonneau again took the lead and negotiated an extension to the closing date for a significant increase in the escrow deposit. Bonneau always stood up for our best interests and was totally aware of the market and the deteriorating market conditions.


Bonneau was representing the seller in the sale of a home that had a number of unforeseen complications. He did a brilliant job in helping the parties to work through these issues and find a resolution that both sides deemed fair. Thank you Bonneau!


Bonneau understands Atlanta real estate. He grew up there and he has a lot of contacts. And, most importantly, he knows how to sell and negotiate. Also, he has an amazing team. They were on top of everything. I highly recommend it!


Bonneau has been great to work with. Very efficient and professional at every turn. Great knowledge of the market very in tune with what the market is looking for. We look forward to more successful projects with him.

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